I wanted to create a Raspberry Pi media center PC and was originally going to piecemeal everything together. Then I saw this package which was a steal. You get everything you need to get going (minus a keyboard and mouse). It’s super quick to put together: slap the heatsinks on, plug in the memory card, and screw the motherboard into the cute little NES-looking case. I had no idea that three OSes had their installers already on the memory card. They’re all free, but it’s a nice gesture to save the time and hassle of downloading them. You get Raspian for regular computer activities, Kodi for a great media center experience, and RetroPi for playing video game ROMs. The two SNES knockoff controllers it comes with feel pretty darn good. They’re not quite as responsive as the real thing, but as close as you’re going to get without buying a SNES on eBay. If you need a good media center keyboard and mouse to round out this package, check out the iPazzPort mini keyboard and trackpad combo. It works like a dream with this setup.

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