There are a lot of folks out of work right now. Thankfully, the enhanced $600/week unemployment on top of your usual amount of $200-$400ish a week is doing a darn good job of making a lot of folks whole, and then some. Many people are effectively getting a raise out of the $600/week enhancement.  Because of that, it’s been getting bandied around that, “Why go back to work when I’m getting $1,000 a week in unemployment?” 

This benefit ends after July. If you’re certain you’re getting your job back before then, by all means, enjoy the gravy train. If you have already been offered your job back, TAKE IT! If you have ANY doubt your job will be there for you or if you’ve already lost your job, you need to be looking for work NOW. Don’t wait until after the benefit ends, because that’s when EVERYONE ELSE will start looking for work. When that happens, the candidate pool is going to be MASSIVE. It will be so much harder to find work. Think about this before you blow off your existing job or put off looking for work.