That Friend Who Always Rains On Your Parade

This memory has been burning on my mind lately, so I’ll rant about it. Lots of social circles have that friend who will almost never be happy for anything good that happens in your life. They’ll always put you down. Seriously, why can’t you be happy when something happens to your friends? If you’re truly […]

Why You SHOULD Judge a Book by Its Cover

It’s a phrase you always hear from your role models when growing up:  “Don’t judge a book by its cover!” Yeah. I get it. It’s good to not be superficial. You’re reading the blog of a cheapskate who drives an inexpensive car, owns an inexpensive phone, wears inexpensive clothes, and is by no means a […]

The “Running From the Bear” Book Opening

Of the few writer’s conferences I’ve been to, there’s a coveted event that writers love: “The First Page Gong Show!” There’s a few variations of this event, but it usually goes something like this: A panel of literary agents reads your first page aloud. The agents will raise their hand when they get to the […]

The NA/YA Bait & Switch Submission

For a fleeting moment in time, book marketers were trying to make the age group of “new adult” take off the way that young adult exploded into popularity in the early 2000s. It failed miserably. Since then, some authors and agents still hope that it’ll catch on, but that hasn’t been the case. I say […]

Why Remakes and Sequels Aren’t So Bad!

Damn! There’s been a lot of uproar lately about the proposed remake of “The Princess Bride.” This was a near-perfect fantasy fairy-tale with romance, swashbuckling, and mental might overcoming evil. I get it! I complain about remakes and sequels, too! Hollywood’s got no good ideas left! They’re sticking to what’s safe! The odds of a […]

Don’t Be a “Gump”

In both writing and other social circles, I’m seeing more and more of a certain personality type. My coworkers have come to call this personality type, the “Gump.” They usually have a very outgoing, alpha personality (a bit different than the character portrayed by Tom Hanks). The real reason we call them a “Gump” is […]

MLM Scams and the Poison They Spread

In 2002, I was a high school graduate looking for work. I did manual labor for my parents’ construction business for minimum wage and I got a W2, but it never felt like a “real job” because it was just given to me. So I hit the classifieds hard in my local paper. Craigslist was […]

Philosophy: Supporting Friends

Several friends of mine on social media have posted the above meme on Facebook and Twitter. How I feel is totally determined by what you mean by “support.” I wish all of my friends well in their artistic endeavors. Hell, I think everyone should have some sort of hobby/endeavor of creating something. I tend to […]

Philosophy: Firearms

It seems like when you discuss firearms on social media, the most vocal owners are the ones who have been engrossed in gun culture their entire lives. Usually, their parents teach them, take them hunting, or to the range. Though their posts and videos are wonderful to check out, the more interesting firearm owners are […]

Leo’s Lesson: If You Have a Pet, Get Insurance

For decades, people in the US have argued about the importance of having health insurance (and having GOOD health insurance at that). I make sure my wife is double-covered (using insurance from my job and her job together) because she’s high risk. I’ve seen people at doctor’s offices who’ve had trash health insurance get gouged […]