COVIDIOTS: “Why Go Back to Work When I’m Getting $1,000 a Week in Unemployment?”

There are a lot of folks out of work right now. Thankfully, the enhanced $600/week unemployment on top of your usual amount of $200-$400ish a week is doing a darn good job of making a lot of folks whole, and then some. Many people are effectively getting a raise out of the $600/week enhancement.  Because […]

Review: The Girl Who Owned a City

This will probably be my last pandemic themed book review, and it’s a good one. The Girl Who Owned a City by O.T. Nelson is the granddaddy of dystopian YA literature, originally published in 1975. It’s about a neighborhood of children, led by Lisa who struggle to survive after all teens and adults on Earth […]

COVIDIOTS: N95 Mask Shamers & Virtue Signalers

In case you’ve been living under a rock, N95 masks are one of the more effective face masks to wear for preventing the wearer from getting COVID-19 or to prevent spreading the disease if you already have it (hopefully unknowningly if you have it).  Lately on social media, folks have been shaming people who use […]

Review: The Hades Factor

For the third review in my pandemic series, I took a look at 2000’s The Hades Factor by Robert Ludlum and Gayle Lynds. This was Ludlum’s 4th-to-last book before his passing. There was also a TV miniseries in the mid-00s and possible plans to reboot the show, setting it in the Bourne cinematic universe.  It […]

Nevada Lockdown Sit-Rep

It’s been a month and three days since Nevada’s first COVID-19 case and 22 days since Governor Sisolak ordered all casinos closed (and a few days later, ordered all non-essential businesses closed under threat of fines or license revocation.  I reflected back on the last three months of the crisis and what got us to […]

Nevada to Enter 30 Day Quarantine Per Governor

In 2017, we said we were #vegasstrong.In 2018, we said we were #vegasstronger. Now we’re called to prove it as we buckle in for 30 days of quarantine. Those lights will come on again. Tell your family you love them. Stay in contact with everyone and we’ll get through this. Photo by me.